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Today, Valvoline Inc. (Valvoline) and Guangxi Liugong Group Co., Ltd. (Guangxi Liugong) held a signing ceremony in Shanghai to announce the establishment of a global partnership. Mr. Sam Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer of Valvoline, and Mr. Zeng Guangan, Chairman of Liugong Group, signed a memorandum of understanding, opening a new chapter in the cooperation with Valvoline as the preferred lubricant supplier for Liugong equipment outside China. 

Valvoline is the world's leading provider of lubricants and automotive services. Since its inception in 1866, Valvoline has been committed to the development and production of high-quality and efficient lubricants, adhering to the principle of "hands-on ability" to provide innovative products, services and solutions to customers around the world. The company has a wide range of global manufacturing bases and will invest more than $70 million to build a lubricating oil blending plant in Zhangjiagang, China, by the end of 2020. 

Liugong is committed to providing high quality products and services to customers around the world. Over the past 60 years, Liugong has developed 19 full product lines, covering 6 categories and 33 different types of construction machinery products, fully meeting the application needs of customers under various operating conditions. Liugong, founded in Liuzhou, China, has become a world-class manufacturer of construction machinery on six continents. Liugong's equipment is helping customers create value around the world. 

In order to better serve our dealers and customers, Liugong has transferred its parts and services to the local market. There are nine overseas parts centers in India, the United States, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, Uruguay and Dubai. Spare parts inventory covers the whole range of Liugong products to ensure that more than 300 dealers in more than 100 countries can quickly obtain original Liugong accessories and respond positively to customer needs. 

The original model of the small loader was designed 60 years ago by two blacksmith brothers Louis and Cyril Keller in Minnesota.The original Keller loader was used to clean the top of the barn. It is compact and can be rotated according to its own length. Melroe Manufacturing, a North Dakota company, saw its potential and signed a contract to make loaders. 

Original Marine spare parts Price

To make the loader more flexible, Louis Keller discarded the original controllable rear wheels and let the machine roll on four fixed wheels.But how do you manipulate a fixed wheel?Keller's solution is to distribute the weight of his loader so that one end always exceeds the other. In practice, this means that when a set of wheels at the heavier end rotates in reverse so that the loader rotates, the two wheels at the lighter end are moved or glided in the direction of the turn. 

As a result, the "skidding steering" loader was born, and Melo was soon sold under the "Bobcat" brand. "the rest is history. 

By the way, part of this history involves the invention of a similar machine, the compact track loader. The Gellers foresaw the market for compact loaders rolling on rubber tracks, so they made tracks for the Bobcat (Bobcat) skidder. These tracks provide more buoyancy and traction on the soft ground, giving rise to the parallel compact crawler loader industry, which is now a separate machine category. 
Transdek has designed a customized modular loading hall for each warehouse door, allowing DFS to push the product directly up and down the truck, a cost-effective alternative to installing wharf lifts at each warehouse door.Wharf levelers and wharf shields are integrated into the wharf area to facilitate seamless product processes. 

Transdek has also developed a custom wharf lift with a 3m by 3m platform that can move DFS's three furniture racks between the warehouse and the loading hall at the same time. 

Supply Original XCMG spare parts

Artie Milburn (Adi Milburn), Senior supply chain Development Manager at DFS, said: "the modular loading hall of Transdek has brought us multiple benefits. Staff can now push our furniture racks directly to the back of the car, reducing manual operation and speeding up loading. 

"even at the peak before Christmas, we were able to use a team of three skeletons to load vehicles. At the same time, the load can be selected and grouped by a person who can easily use the integrated person to ride the wharf lift. 

"the likelihood of manual injury has been reduced because the team is now working in a controlled, horizontal environment and does not need to manually put items into the dropbox. In addition, the risk of injury to the rear shutter doors has been eliminated and we can now flip dropbox to the loading area so that they can be loaded in a safe, weatherproof environment. "

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