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SDLG axle genuine loader Spare parts

High quality SDLG axle

38760 pounds. The L959F is the last layer 4 upgrade to its predecessor, LG959, and has a feature of 4.0 cubic yards. -capacity bolt upper edge barrel, as well as 256-gross-hp Deutz-SDLG SD80F engine with passive regeneration.

Includes a ZF 4WG200 manual transmission and ZF limited sliding shaft with outboard mounting wet disc brake. 
LED work lights and rear view cameras are now standard. 
The noise in the cab is twice as high as the previous model. 
Improved performance of the engine room through a new engine door. 
Chrome buckle pin to better engage and detach from quick fastener. 
Joystick control and forward, neutral and reverse direction joystick and first gear kick trigger finger. 
Improved heating and air conditioning control.
Protect at the bottom of the front and rear frame. 

As part of the new f-series, Chinese equipment giant SDLG has launched four wheel loaders in the Middle East and Africa. 

Volvo claims that the L953F, L956F, L958F and L96F wheel loaders have adopted modern design and extensive technical improvements beyond customer requirements. 

"customers are increasingly in need of affordable and reliable construction equipment," says Henrik Sjostrand, product manager at SDLG. " "this is SDLG's specialty.This new product is designed for high productivity and reliability and will provide customers with a good return on investment. "

SDLG believes the launch of the new series is timely as large infrastructure projects, as well as quarrying, continue to operate at strong levels in the Middle East and Africa. 

SDLG genuine Spare parts Brands

Referring to the new models in a statement issued by SDLG, Sjostrand added: "the most obvious difference is the design of the new models. The larger cab design adds more than 20% glass to improve visibility, safety and efficiency. Superior air conditioning also increases greater operational comfort, while a single joystick ensures accurate, easy and comfortable operation of loading arms and buckets, reducing operator fatigue. " 

The road construction industry itself is a market segment, and the intersection between its products and other market segments is very limited. This is not to say that it is a small industry, but to ensure that it will be more fiercely contested by the professional companies that bet their ownership on it. 

At the top of the industry is Germany's Wirtgen Group, which is highly focused on road construction and mining. Asif Khan (Asif Khan) is the official distributor of Wirtgen in the United Arab Emirates, GENAVCO, the plant and equipment of General Motors (GM for plant and equipment). 

"the road construction industry has remained stable for the past four or five years," he said. Like everyone else, we achieved our best results in 2008, but we made steady progress in this area year after year, with a record market share last year. In terms of paving equipment, we have 86% market share; in road milling machines, we have 100% market share-competitors have not sold any equipment. In partnership with roll manufacturer Hamm, we have a 42 per cent market share in the roll business. " 

Wirtgen Group equipment is divided into five brands, including the Group's eponymous brand of road milling machines, Vogele paving machines and Hamm rollers. Benninghoven's asphalt plant was acquired by Wirtgen from another German company in 2014, while Kleemann was an earlier acquisition of a crushing and screening plant (dating back to 2006). It is worth noting that the entire scope of the group is in line with vertical road construction. 

sdlg loader spare parts Customized

Backhoe loaders are a strange example in the field of construction equipment. In a contradictory way, it is not only an indicator of the maturity of the construction industry in the market, but also a sign of its economic health.Excavators are often unpopular in developed markets such as the West, but are the preferred equipment in developing markets such as the Middle East, Africa and India. 

It is well known that the Middle East is fascinated by this multi-purpose machine.Judging from the way the machine is sold, as well as the plans of the major manufacturers, the days of backhoe excavators in the region seem to be going to last for a long time. 

As Gaby Rem (Gaby Rhayem), Bobcats Regional Director for the Middle East and Africa, puts it: "excavators are now a very, very good and important business in the region.Despite the slowdown in sales, such products are still selling well. This is a very promising area for Bobcats, and we believe this product will develop even more in the future. " 

The development of products is the key to its future sales. This is because, in general, backhoe excavators, as a general purpose machine, can be said to be replaced by two important professional tools-steering sleds or compact crawler loaders (CTL) and miniature excavators.

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