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Damen Gorinchem Holland Shipyard has ordered a hybrid propulsion scheme from MAN Energy Solutions for two dual fuel / hybrid RoRo ferries from Sisban Ferry Canada. 

The order includes the provision of MAN 35/44DF dual fuel engines, gas supply systems and major power systems, including batteries. 

MAN Energy Solutions will work with Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA), which owns 40 per cent of Aspin Kemp & Associates, to offer these solutions. AKA focuses on power supply, energy management and marine and industrial applications that drive systems. 

MAN Cryo, a gas specialist at, MAN Energy Solutions, is also responsible for supplying first Ferry's gas supply system. MAN Cryo provides systems for the storage, distribution and handling of liquefied gases and was fully integrated into the company in 2015. 

Wayne Jones OBE, Chief sales Officer and Executive Director of MAN Energy Solutions, said: "We are pleased to have won this order and our case is sufficient for our customers to change their existing technical specifications to meet our requirements." "it does demonstrate our strategic direction for developing sustainable technologies and solutions, and how we have expanded our business in recent years. This initiative has now paid off, as evidenced by the key roles played by AKA and MAN Cryo in this important order. " 

Jason Aspin, chief executive of Aspin Kemp & Associates, said the order was a strategic milestone for AKA for a number of factors. 

"first, it demonstrates the successful partnership between MAN and AKA, providing operators with a highly innovative turnkey system," Aspin said. " "second, this is a great opportunity for AKA technology to be deployed in our backyard in Canada with leading and forward-looking owners like Xiban. Finally, for more than a decade, AKA has been the forerunner of a number of initiatives, indicating that the marine industry is opening up the value of hybrid systems to meet its environmental emission reduction targets while reducing operating costs. " 

GE's distributed power business has announced that it has signed an agreement with Hoerbiger Service Middle East FZE to become an authorized distributor of GE's Waukesha natural gas engine products in Nigeria. 

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The new agreement will enable Hoerbiger and GE's distributed power business to support a wider range of oil and gas production projects in Nigeria, as GE's Waukesha natural gas engine is designed for a variety of field mechanical drive, natural gas compression and power generation applications. 

"with our new dealer agreement, GE's Wojishaw natural gas engine, we will be able to greatly enhance the customer experience in Nigeria's energy industry professionals from the oil and gas industry to field power production. Yves Duboa, sales manager, Middle East and Africa Middle East FZE Hoerbiger Services. "our technical team of Wauchisa certified gas engine technicians and mechanics ensures immediate, local customer support-on-site and on-site-for Vauchia gas engines. We have invested in local stock of common parts in warehouses in Port Harcourt. " 

Through its network of dozens of engine technicians, Hoerbiger currently supports hundreds of gas engine companies in Vauquisha in more than 18 countries in the region. 

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EuroAsiatic Jaya will sell and serve Jenbacher gas engines in Indonesia and provide complete lifecycle support to Indonesian customers. Installation, service, operation, maintenance and supply of genuine OEM spare parts for GE (GE Power) 's Jenbacher gas engine fleet in Indonesia. GE said, Euroasiatic Jaya's huge warehousing capacity would help speed up the acquisition of spare parts in Indonesia to help improve the uptime of the engine. 

Alexander Schmahl, director of sales at Euroasiatic Jaya, said: "by signing a new power distribution agreement with GE, we will be able to greatly enhance the customer experience of power companies in Indonesia.These companies include renewable fuels such as natural gas, biogas and landfill gas, as well as industrial field power generation. " "our growing pool of skilled reciprocating engine technicians across the country, as well as our warehousing facilities, will ultimately help ensure the rapid accumulation of real parts stocks. To help ensure immediate local customer support-including on-site and our stores. " "Eurasian Jaya bring has been working in Indonesia since 1969. Headquartered in Jakarta, the company has more than 500 employees in seven Southeast Asian countries. 

The engine base is the connecting element between the engine or transmission and the car body. In this case, a simple solid screw connection cannot be used because it transmits vibration, noise, and motion from the transmission system to the vehicle.

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