Excavator and Bulldozer Undercarriage Parts


Undercarriage components for Excavators, Bulldozers and other track type machines are our speciality, We offer a reliable and economical solution to any Undercarriage need.

Every part we sell has been built to the performance specifications required for the most rugged application. We ensure you get the Undercarriage Parts you want, the Performance you need and the Value you deserve.

A fundamental characteristic of the Qinding undercarriage product line is that its production is entirely managed in-house: from design of the component to the choice of material, through to production. Numerous quality controls are carried out starting from raw material purchasing based on the know-how and expertise in the field of metallurgical processes and metal materials. Broad expertise covers the entire complexity of the production process from die-casting to heat treatments to the assembly and painting lines.

We business scope:

  • Track Shoe Assemblies

  • Track Link Assemblies

  • Track & Carrier Rollers

  • Idlers

  • Sprockets & Segments

  • Grouser Shoes

  • Recoil Springs & Track Adjusters (Tensioners)

  • Track Bolts + Nuts

  • Track Guards

Excavator undercarriage parts

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