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Something unusual is happening in a humble graffiti building in the East end of London.Behind the unmarked double doors, Benedict Radcliffe (Benedict Radcliffe) is transforming ordinary old low-carbon steel bars into three-dimensional, four-wheeled hollow art; Cut, bend, weld and paint, create fluorescent sculptures, broaden your eyes and confuse your brain. 

You'll probably see some of Radcliffe's car ghost photos: a bright orange Lamborghini Countach, white Baru wing leopard P1 or neon pink range Rover, each seemingly in Photoshop, and dragged to a street view. But in fact, they're very real. At Heathrow Airport Terminal 2, you probably already saw his London taxi, an orange Austin FX4, commissioned by the airport to represent modern England. All of these are cars that can be recognized at a glance, condensed into minimalist full-size wireframes; there is more air than there. 

While studying at the Macintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow, Radcliffe received training in the production and welding of Andy Scott (Andy Scott). Andy Scott designed the "heavy horse" wire frame and the 30-meter-high horse head sculpture "Cabe" (the Kelpies), stands on the M8 and M9 highways, respectively. A year after graduating in 2004, Radcliffe wrote the Modern Japanese Classic-Impreza wireframe-as part of a solo exhibition.The car was too big to get in, "parked" on the street outside, dazzling in the gloom of Glasgow city dirt. In this way, his iconic style was born. 

On Brick Lane, Radcliffe's studio is made up of a central "data sheet" on which he passes the wireframe of the car, and the wall is inlaid with a huge bike rack. 1:1 wireframe Honda Golden Wings Motorcycle he shows a comprehensive blueprint for his next project, a Ferrari F40, at the Vanguard A Museum in 2012. 

But the most interesting artifacts are also the smallest-an 1:5 ratio of Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1, which is about to be done for a private client. It has not yet been painted, there are no wheels, it is supported on stilts, and the overall shape and key details-up to the shield badge on the nose-are perfectly reproduced on the slender wire. 

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He told me his whole process. He used technical drawings and photos on the Internet to manually draw the front, rear and side elevations of the theme car to achieve the desired proportion. In the early days of a watershed, Radcliffe cleverly singled out what he thought would be "the shape of a car with simple lines." A pile of integrated sketches proves that this is an evolutionary process, but also a manual process: no computer, no 3D printing prototype. 

"everything I do is very technical," he said. " "I'll start with the blueprint and squeeze it out of the plan. I might focus on the front bumper first, then the rear bumper and the light cluster, built in the component. This is very simple metalworking: cutting, welding and grinding, but the operation of the steel bar I drew is really important. " 

At the Royal Exhibition in Hawk Bay, a cattle farmer in Wilsford won a major victory on his father's bucket list. 

Karen, Bruce Woolley and Karen's parents, Dave Percy and Cheryl Percy, from Willowcreek Salers, drove their cow carts all the way from Wilsford to Hastings for the royal exhibition. Finally left with the title of "meat and wool cup". The two-year-old bull Willow Creek whisky won the top prize by beating the champions of other breeds at the exhibition with a weight of 1150 kilograms. 

Dave Percy (Dave Pacey) has bone cancer, and daughter Karen (Karen) says they are happy to cross something off his bucket list. 

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"for years, we've been talking about coming to Hawk Bay for the Royal Art Exhibition. For us, it's still early in the season and we have a lot of Mavericks now, but it's great to be here.Dad is still alive, not sitting there feeling sorry for himself. He had a good time with his mother. " 

Automatic steering cars have been around for decades, looking for a small place in warehouses and factories to transport materials and feed production lines. But in recent years, they have become common and may soon be ubiquitous, as part of the growing automation of the industry, often replacing conveyor belts, lifts and manual trucks. 

"in the 1990s, annual sales grew steadily by 5 per cent, and then could reach 10 to 15 per cent," says Petis (Petri Petays), sales director at Finnish manufacturer Rocla. " Rocla belongs to Mitsui Mitsubishi (Mitsui Mitsubishi), specializing in the production of a variety of agv. 

This trend is likely to intensify further. He says acceptance of driverless cars is growing rapidly for a number of reasons, including the acceptance of a new robot in popular culture, thanks to products such as Google Automotive. And other carmakers' interest in driverless cars.

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